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Christening is a Catholic ceremony of baptism and a pivotal milestone in the faith. Babies are dressed in fine white outfits for the special occasion which marks their admission into Christianity. During this ceremony, a child also receives a formal Christian name. Traditionally, gifts are given to the child in celebration of this time. Shopping wholesale christening gifts is a resourceful way to find the perfect token to mark this unique occasion.

Godparents are carefully chosen by the parents of the christened baby to serve as religious guides to the child throughout his life. If you are the proud godparent of the little one to be christened, this marks a special time in your life as well. Choosing a special gift will commemorate the ceremony and serve as a lifelong reminder to the godchild of his faith as he grows.

As you browse online suppliers of wholesale christening gifts you will find a big selection of beautiful little items for babies. Some items are for the baby to enjoy immediately. Things like plush stuffed animals, christening bibs and blankets, and tiny baptism jewelry for little girls. These items are often customizable so that you can choose to have the baby’s new Christian name stitched or engraved on them.

Gifts like these may be enjoyed by the christened baby and saved as special memories. Other wholesale christening gifts include those intended to commemorate the occasion. These little keepsakes cannot yet be fully appreciated by the baby, but parents will certainly love them and proudly display them on the shelf next to the crib. They serve as a token of love and celebration.

Keepsakes like these might include engraved picture frames, commemorative blessing canvas, baptismal crosses, and silver keepsake boxes where parents can stow away a lock of hair or a first lost tooth. As baby grows up, he can keep these beautiful reminders in his room to remind him of the day he was christened into the Catholic faith.

These special occasion gifts can often be expensive. But opting to shop wholesale christening gifts offers you lower prices on the same kind of items. With more affordable prices, you will have an even bigger selection from which to choose while still staying within your original budget. In fact, you might even consider buying your godchild two gifts – one of those he can enjoy as a baby and one he will appreciate when he gets older.

A baby’s christening is the first and most important of many lifetime milestones. It signifies a joining of Catholicism and the marks the beginning of a spiritual journey. Commemorate the momentous occasion with a special token from wholesale christening gifts that will last for years to come.

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