Olive Wood

Olive Wood - The Holy Tree

Out of all materials used to make religious icons, nothing has the appeal and religious ancestry of olive wood. In the Bible after the Last Supper, Jesus prays under an olive tree in the Garden of Gethsemane and the olive tree is mentioned over a thousand times in the Bible. In the Psalms it is identified as being symbolic of peace.

In fact, the first mention of the olive tree comes from Genesis, the very first book of the Bible. The dove released from the Ark by Noah returns clutching an olive twig in its beak, showing that olive wood is a symbol of God’s forgiveness and reconciliation with man. On Palm Sunday, in Jerusalem, olive branches are taken to the church to be blessed and placed in homes.

Religious icons made from olive wood will hold special importance for many customers who are in touch with the spiritual connotations of this special tree. Revelation 22:2 says “…the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations”. Offering customers icons made from this special tree offers them the symbolism of healing and peace to display in their homes, churches or offices.

Because the highest quality of olive wood only grows in the Holy Land due to the particular climate the land provides, religious icons made from this special tree can drive customer sales and increase profit margins. Carving this wood requires specialized training and equipment. This specialization means that customers are paying for the quality of the wood and the specialized creation of the particular icon they are interested in.

Olive wood was used most often in ancient times for wood carving and was the wood Jesus would have learned to carve as a child. Olive wood from the Holy Land used for carving religious icons is collected from pruning young trees or collecting the sprouts of old trees that are no longer productive. By doing this, growers and carvers insure that no trees are harmed and these special, holy trees are protected from damage.

By marketing olive wood to customers, a business can demonstrate their connection to the ancestry of Christianity. It’s easy to increase the bottom line with this beautiful wood and the quality of religious icons made from this special tree will have customers coming back for more.

Durability is another fantastic trait of olive wood. Due to the high number of grains in the wood, it is known to be resilient and durable, requiring very sharp, specialized tools for carving. Knowing that their particular religious icon is carved not only from this holy, symbolic tree but will last the ages, will create higher profit margins as customers choose the higher quality of olive wood over lesser materials.

Olive wood is a unique, treasured material for carved religious icons. It’s ancestry and tradition is contained throughout the Bible and it’s symbolism of peace and forgiveness is recognized by Christians throughout the globe. Offering this special wood for religious icons can increase sales, bring in return customers and showcase the quality and spirituality of any religious icon business.

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