Nativity Sets

Nativity Sets – A Transcendent Symbol Of Joy And Serenity

As the leaves start to fall, many of us are eagerly anticipating the joy and serenity of the holiday season. We look forward to the warm companionship and fellowship of friends and family, and the peace that their companionship brings us. And yet, as we celebrate with one another, as we celebrate our good fortune, we also take time to reflect on the plight of those less fortunate than us.

For many of us nativity scenes hold meaning so deep that it transcends not only our religion but even our ethics and morals. Nativity scenes depict the single most joyous event known to humanity, regardless of race, religion, or culture – the birth of a child. This moving event brings all of us to a deep reflection on and appreciation for the mystery of our existence. But it also inspires us to joyful, exuberant celebration. In these two extremes of happiness lies the meaning of the holiday season.

Yet the nativity has still further symbolic meaning. It is the birth of a poor child, whose parents rejoice nonetheless at their good fortune. It is the birth of a poor child that rises to become a great leader and inspiration to millions. It reminds us that the circumstances of our birth are beyond our control, but the circumstances of our life are ours to create.

The significance and inspiration for Christians is only enhanced by all of the other apparent symbolism. The child is the leader of their faith, the one who sacrifices himself to show them the way to salvation.

With so many layers of symbolic meaning, nativity sets are widely appreciated by all in our society. In the holiday season, they bring their depiction of joy and serenity to any setting.

And there is an appropriate nativity set available for any setting. Nativity sets are a nice addition to the front room during the holidays. Juxtaposed against the exuberant joy and excitement associated with the Christmas tree and its piles of gifts, they provide a tasteful balance. A small nativity set is attractive on a book case or hearth, but sets are even available for the Christmas tree!

Nativity sets are also appropriate and elegant throughout the house. Smaller nativity sets are attractive in bathrooms, and sets of all sizes can be tastefully arranged in dinning and family rooms.

Of course, nativity sets are a traditional outdoor decoration. In this capacity, they can suit any setting. From modest depictions appropriate for porches and walkways to life-sized depictions for the yard, attractive arrangements are available for this profoundly symbolic and moving scene.

Aside from the symbolic meanings, the nativity imagery also inspires beautiful art. Ranging from excruciatingly detailed to flowing and conceptual, nativity sets are often appreciated for the beauty of the figures exclusive of symbolic meaning.

Nativity sets, somehow, transcend the many differences among us and unite us in the joy and serenity of the birth of a child.

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